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"'The David Dance' is an achingly beautiful motion picture... A powerful story... Lingers in your mind long after the film is over... A definite see." - project-nerd (Tallgrass Film Festival, Audience Award: Best Narrative Feature)

"Once I reached the end I was overwhelmed with all different kinds of emotions and plenty of tears. Truly one of those movies that gets to the heart and soul of a person. If you have ever felt love of any kind, this movie is for you... "The David Dance" is the surprise of the LGBT circuit." - Edge Media

"Don Scimé is brilliant as a DJ on a late night gay radio show… Writer Scimé and director Aprill Winney do a great job flashing back and forth in time keeping the movie and story moving and peeling back layers to to the onion that may definitely bring you to tears.” – San Francisco Examiner

"A wonderfully engaging story with people I found very easy to love. And it made my girlfriend cry, but I forgive them, because she was crying because it was so good." - Jason Watches Movies (Cinequest Film Festival)

"This impressive, utterly charming, wee indie film is the creation of its writer and star Don Scimé...His passion for the project is evident from the first frame as he gives such a compelling and wonderfully low-key performance that so perfectly captures every little nuance of David's struggle. It would be something of a tragedy if this film does not eventually get the full audience it deserves." - Queertiques 

"Director Aprill Winney does beautiful work in this searing portrait of a gay man in a complex, evolving world."         - New Hope Film Festival Blog

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