"Once I reached the end I was overwhelmed with all different kinds of emotions and plenty of tears. This is truly one of those movies that gets to the heart and soul of a person. If you have ever felt love of any kind, this movie is for you. If you have ever met someone who was "the one", but you just didn't know it at the time, this movie is for you. If you have ever come across someone who has had a different view - other than your own - and didn't know how to establish common ground - "The David Dance" is the surprise of the LGBT circuit."Edge on the Net

"A wonderfully engaging story with people I found very easy to love. And it made my girlfriend cry, but I forgive them, because she was crying because it was so good." - Jason Watches Movies (Cinequest Film Festival)

Screenings:  Woods Hole Film Festival - Friday, August 1st 7 PM Chichester International Film Festival (UK) - Wednesday, August 20th 8:30 PM